August 30, 2009

Cheryl's Doll Hospital at GRAM

Bring your dolls to Cheryl's Doll Hospital at the Grand Rapids Antiques Market. Cheryl provides professional doll repair, doll restoration, doll reconstruction, restringing, cleaning, and customized clothing with loving hands, a loving heart, and a passion for dolls.

A favorite doll is priceless, precious, and irreplaceable. Cheryl understands how hard it is for doll owners to put their dolls in someone else's hands to restore broken parts and broken dreams. Your doll is a beloved piece of your family history.

Cheryl tenderly uses her knowledge and expertise to fix your doll.
Her services include, but are not limited to:
reconstruction of fingers, toes, and other doll parts
cleaning of doll and mending of clothes
resetting eyes or replacement of eyes
styling wigs
custom made period or reproduction clothing
fixing stuffed animals

Cheryl works on dolls made of many types - antique, vintage, composition, bisque, antique bisque, wood, plaster, paper mache’, cloth, rubber and vinyl. Stuffed animals too! Cheryl makes her patients perfect. Guaranteed. Waiting time depends on the estimated amount of work.

If you have a doll that needs some TLC, visit Cheryl's Doll Hospital at the Grand Rapids Antiques Market January 2-3, 2010. "She did a remarkable job on an Indian doll that my grandma bought me when I was 8 years old....I was so surprised when Cheryl finished my doll. I just couldn't believe it she did a beautiful job and I want to say thank you Cheryl." Judy M.